The Job Interview– Are You Prepared?

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Last week, one of our consultants watched a prospective employee perform a “task skills test” for a new job.

The hiring principal, an architect, gave this job candidate, an architect in training (AIT), 90 minutes to add a “mother in law” suite to small home, with a garage situated on a city lot.  The job candidate was given a paper drawing of the property, with the lot lines, house and garage appropriately sited on the property.  The job candidate’s job, was in 90 minutes, to design a 700 square foot facility to accommodate a Mother In Law suite.

An architect’s scale, blank paper and several sheets of paper were provided, along with the general instructions of what the “client” desired.

No more directions were provided.  The job candidate was allowed to use her knowledge and skill to design anything that she thought would fulfill the client needs and requirements.  Hence, she could add an addition to the house, add a second story to the garage or build a free standing facility, as long as the client needs were fulfilled.

Our consultant asked if this was possible in a 90 minute time frame.  The principal architect said that it was very doable.  The candidate was only limited by her ability and creativity on how she would fulfill the requirement.

Today, many employers are “testing” job candidates to see if they can indeed do the job that they are interviewing for.   Many job candidates claim they possess the requisite experience for the position.

A principal in a service industry was hiring an administrative clerk position.  The principal required that the job candidate develop a 2 paragraph thank you letter, a 2 slide Power Point presentation with the company logo embedded in the slides as well as an 8 entry profit/loss spreadsheet.  The principal required that this all be done in 60 minutes.  Of the 13 candidates that she interviewed, only 1 candidate could perform all 3 tasks in 60 minutes.  Even then, the work was not complete.

If you say that you have certain skills, be sure that you can demonstrate proficiency and mastery of the skill.  Expect to be tested on your ability to employ the skill in some type of reasonable exercise that you may be expected to perform if hired on the job.

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