Don’t Reject Professional Advice– It May Cost Excessively

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Hiring a professional is always a good idea, especially when you need help.  However, once you engage the services of a professional, you might as well do what is directed, prescribed or ordered.  To not follow a professional’s advice is often costly, especially since you paid for it initially.


When you are unsure of something, don’t know something or need professional help to resolve a matter, hiring a professional is always how to go.  Usually the professional has the experience, talent, training and knowledge to easily and rapidly fix the problem.

A colleague saved money and install a garbage disposal himself.  This simple task is just that, simple.  Remove the hoses to the garbage disposal, unscrew the clamp and then remove and replace the new unit.  OK, everything turns out fine, all is hooked up well, no leaks, the power is turned on and all appears well.  Except now, the dishwasher does not seem to drain properly.  Well, what happened here?  How does the dishwasher not drain impact the new garbage disposal?  WELL—one of the drain hoses from the dishwasher connects to the garbage disposal.  Careful reading of garbage disposal installation instructions shows how to remove a plastic plug on the disposal unit if a dishwasher is hooked up.

The colleague failed to carefully read the disposal instructions, thought his dishwasher was bad and called an appliance technician to come look.  In 30 seconds, the appliance technician realized what problem was, asked if a new disposal had been installed.  Yes, was the answer.  In another 30 seconds, the appliance technician removed the plug, reattached the hoses and all was well.  Except our colleague had to pay $95 for a service call that was unwarranted had he paid attention to the instructions!

If you go to the doctor and complain of a problem, the doctor will normally figure out the problem, prescribe either medicine or treatment and let you go home.  You take the medicine, taking the treatment to ensure that the ailment is fixed.  Failing to take the medicine or not doing the treatment will exacerbate the initial condition and may cause more required care.


Do what the professional prescribes.  Take the medicine, reduce the expenses, buy a different brand of product, whatever the advice is, do it.  You were not sure, that is why you engage a professional.  It may appear to cost more, however, at the end of the day, that is not normally the case!

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