People– Your Most Important Asset in Today’s Business World

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People Are Your Most Important Resource

In today’s modern world, people are the most important resource that you have in your business.  It makes no difference what kind of business you operate, an office, a manufacturing firm, a bakery or food service facility, a warehouse or trucking operation.  People make the wheels turn and the profits generate.  However, we are seeing more and more that people are not valued for the skills and contributions that they make.  When this happens, employees leave the company and you have a void to fill– which is not as easy as it may sound!

The work life balance equation that so many individuals address is a real issue.  Many employees today are willing to work, but also wish to have adequate and sufficient time to be involved with family members, sports teams, volunteer opportunities, anything other than work!  How do you address these concerns and maintain a viable, healthy operating business?

The Work Life Balance Equation

As a leader in your firm, we suggest and recommend that you look carefully at the work life balance equation.  Does everyone need to be present for duty, in the office each day?  Sure, with a customer facing business, i.e., a bank, a restaurant, a medical office, an auto repair facility, people need to be present to help the customer receive the service that he/she comes to obtain.  However, a law firm, an accounting firm, a creative ad agency, perhaps not.  Studies have shown, conclusively, that remote work is more productive than being in the office.  With the force of requiring many employees back to the office after COVID-19, some employees have found that reporting in to the office, getting a cup of coffee and visiting with colleagues for a few hours then leaving fills the “return to office” mandate.  However, what, if any work is accomplished when the individuals are in the office?  In many cases, the answer is little to none!  Is this quiet quitting?  Don’t know, but the real reason remains, why did the employee have to report to the office?

This is a question that needs some careful analysis.  Individuals probably need to come in to the office at least 3X a month, perhaps for a couple of days at a time.  However, if the work is being accomplished, goals are being met and customers are happy– why do employees have to return to the office?

New employees, especially recent college graduates WANT and DESIRE to be in the office.  They seek the mentoring and guidance of more experienced workers– they want to learn from them.  Virtual on-boarding and virtual training is very tiring and troublesome for many recent college graduates.  Leaders and managers must carefully think about this– new employees wish to be in the office to not only learn more about the firm, but their job and their work colleagues.  Many new employees feel that they are able to achieve and contribute more when working in an office setting than when working remotely.

Our Recommendation

We strongly suggest that business leaders think long and hard about the return to office policies they have.  In many cases, some careful analysis will yield in greater employee satisfaction and happiness as well as improved productivity and profitability.

If you need help in working this issue, please give our firm a call.  We would be delighted to aid and assist you in this endeavor.

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