Tech Skills You Need to Become a Remote Worker in 2020

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Guest Post by Artur Meyster


Since remote work has become the new standard, more people are learning new skills to work from home. Remote workers allow organizations not only to increase productivity but to reduce costs. During the coronavirus outbreak, remote workers play an important role as they are able to push forward organizations around the globe.

To have better job opportunities in 2020, you’ll need to learn remote working skills. Employers are making more attractive job offers to attract and retain skilled candidates. Most remote workers can enjoy flexible working schedules and, as a result, they can spend more time with family members.

If you are struggling to meet employers’ requirements, these tech skills will help you to get hired. As you’ll be able to work from any place, you’ll be indispensable for any company these days.


Python has become an essential tool to help companies innovate. As it’s one of the best tools to implement machine learning algorithms, employers are looking for candidates with Python skills.

Python is a tool widely used by data scientists and full stack developers to build sophisticated programs. As Python allows tech talents to analyze and interpret data efficiently, it plays an important role in attracting customers.

World-class companies like Amazon use machine learning algorithms to enhance customers’ shopping experience. Amazon’s website provides suggestions based on previously searched products. As customers can find products more easily, the company can increase its sales.

Python is versatile and can be used for multi-purposed applications. Cybersecurity experts use Python to improve their security strategies. As they can build sophisticated programs, dealing with rapidly-advancing threats becomes less time-consuming. Also, it can be very helpful to find bugs and search for vulnerabilities.

Python is a must-have to make employers feel engaged. So, if you want to land a new job and become a remote worker, learning Python skills is crucial. As having a degree or certificate has become important to convince employers, you should enroll in a Python bootcamp

No matter if you want to become a web developer or a data scientist, Springboard is the best option to learn Python skills. The company has designed its programs to meet your requirements. By learning enterprise-level skills in only six months, you’ll stand out from the competition.

Springboard’s courses are available online. For that reason, learning from the comfort of your home won’t be a barrier. Their programs cover other in-demand skills that will help you to show off your skills during interviews. 

Amazon Web Services

Since companies need a new way to store data, cloud computing services have become vital. As they can have security and accessibility, they have started to move to the cloud. Amazon is the leading player in cloud services. By providing customers with cloud storage and other features to analyze data, they’ve innovated the market.

Most data scientists have cloud computing skills. As they need to analyze and interpret information to create insights, it has made their jobs more relaxed. Amazon Web Services provides its customers with machine learning features for analyzing data efficiently. So, organizations stay relevant and increase their profits.

AWS is easy to use and is very flexible. It enables you to select the OS, web app platform, and programming language you need. You can load the software and services any app requires.

On the other hand, AWS enables companies to reduce costs. As they no longer need physical databases to store data, they don’t have to spend a penny in local storage. Learning AWS will help you to meet employers’ demands and become a remote worker. As doing your work duties won’t be a barrier during isolation, employers won’t hesitate to hire you. 

 One of the best coding schools to learn AWS is Coding Dojo. The company offers aspirants several courses in web development and data science. In only four months, you’ll learn in-demand coding skills to thrive in your new tech career. 

At Coding Dojo, you’ll develop your skills while working on hands-on projects. As you’ll have a big portfolio to show during interviews, you’ll speak with facts, so convincing any employer won’t be a challenge.  


JavaScript has become an outstanding tool for web developers. It not only makes easier the process of building a website. Also, JavaScript allows tech talent to build more dynamic and sophisticated websites. By providing an immersive experience, companies can attract more customers and improve their marketing strategies.

During the coronavirus pandemic, websites have played a key role in helping organizations move forward. They allow customers to buy products and stay safe at home. Having a website has become fundamental for companies. They don’t only attract customers because of the visually appealing outlook. Also, websites enhance customer service strategies and allow companies to stay in touch with their clients.

By using JavaScript’s frameworks, developers can focus on what’s important. They allow developers to spend less time coding and more time designing. Most JavaScript developers can work from anywhere. They just need a reliable Internet connection and good tech equipment.

If you’re planning to become a remote worker, you should invest in reliable tech. As it will be necessary to do your work duties, you should invest in what best fits your needs. If you are going to work from home, you can invest in an ergonomic desk setup and a desk PC. But, if you’re planning to live like a digital nomad, a good laptop may be enough to meet your requirements.

In 2020, one of the best JavaScript bootcamps is Thinkful. The company offers a software engineering course that allows you to become a full stack developer by learning HTML, CSS, React, and JavaScript. You’ll design exceptional websites to impress employers and attract customers.

As you’ll receive help from a career support team, you’ll be prepared for the job searching journey after graduation. When learning new skills, Thinkful is the right decision to make as you’ll learn from the best professionals. 


In general, these tech skills will help you not only to become a remote worker but to overcome future challenges. As more companies are hiring remote workers to innovate the market and reduces costs, you’ll be ready to land a new position. The tech market is a fast-growing industry. And as more companies are implementing new technologies into their products, learning tech skills will be necessary to adapt.  


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