Government Contract Procurement

Solomon Bruce Consultants have extensive experience in government contracting. We have developed, evaluated, performed, and analyzed government contracts. In short, we understand what is required to gain a successful government contact, and once the contract is awarded, we know how to fulfill the contract in the most profitable way.

Our Services

Winning the big is only one piece of the puzzle. Government contracting is a challenge that any business must carefully consider before embarking on the journey.

Solvency and the ability to sustain business operations through long government payment cycles is a critical factor that many new government contractors fail to consider. If your firm is unable to sustain a 180-day period between product delivery and government payment, contingency plans need to be identified for continued business operation.

  • Do you have a line of credit that will sustain the business during this period?
  • Can you defer creditor payments until you have been paid on the government contract?

These are questions that our consultants can assist you with as you consider pursuing government contracting.

We also provide a “Red Team” analysis of your proposal against the requirements of the government solicitation. We review your proposed response to the solicitation to ensure that you what you propose is what the government is seeking. This analysis, with our experienced contracting consultants, allows a government contractor a “fresh set of eyes” on your response before it is submitted and reviewed by the government buying activity.

Solomon Bruce Consulting experts can help your firm develop the necessary tools and documentation required for being a successful government contractor. Perhaps your firm already has managerial tools that your firm uses daily. We can help review and, if needed, modify and adapt those tools to the government requirements. Our experts can ensure that your contract fulfills everything that the government has requested in their solicitation.

Our Results

We help your business earn government contracts.