The Spring Form Pan– Do You Know How to Use It?

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A community leader had a discussion with one of our consultants the other day.  As the discussion unfolded, we talked about prizes our firm awarded but were not used by winners at a recent business plan competition.

As our consultant and the community leader talked, the community leader made the observation that if one is given a springform pan and does not know how to make cheesecake, then the pan is basically useless to them.  Well, no, that is not totally the case, however, if you don’t bake or are afraid to try new and different ideas, then the spring form pan is indeed, useless.

How does that apply to business?  Some times, new ideas are proffered, new concepts are explored and explained and one thinks, “How is this important and applicable to me?”  One has to use some creative thinking to see how a new idea or concept can be successfully employed.

With the springform pan, the pan can be used to make quiche.   That is an idea that one may not have considered previously, however, with some creativity, the springform pan will make a great quiche.  In the instant case of the business plan competition prizes, the community leader suggested that perhaps the prizes that our firm awarded were not really understood on how the prizes could help the award winners.  Our firm has elected to again sponsor prizes for the business plan competition, but will this year do a better job of explaining the value and merit of each prize.

As with the springform pan, sometimes, a little creativity is all that is needed to use a object for a purpose other than that for which it was originally intended!  Think about it!  You may be surprised at the applicability to your business operations.

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