Change Agents: Organizational Restructuring Can Impact Efficiency and Profitability

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The world of commerce is changing at lightning speed.  Technology, new computing devices and the Internet of Things (IOT) all catalyze rapid changes globally. Even in the world of small businesses, change is the watchword of the decade.

So, when a long-term employee leaves the organization, you’ve got the perfect opportunity to jump into the change lane and consider organizational restructuring and realignment.

Begin by answering these questions:

  • How you can best employ your human capital as well as employ new technology?
  • Do you need everyone you have employed?
  • Can you use a technology tool to replace/enhance/improve your function?

You’ll want to make sure all employees are fully challenged each and every day.  Since the way we conduct business in the office is changing rapidly, you may have to adjust job duties, cross-train employees, and structure duties so you capitalize on current not former talents and skills. Realignment of duties and responsibilities, with the possible attendant increase in salaries, becomes a possibility.

Look beyond your four walls. Consider a virtual receptionist.  A remote service might seem like an extravagance, so, to test the assumption. Conduct a cost benefit analysis to find if it makes sense to have a virtual assistant or receptionist rather than a live individual answering the phone and doing lower level administrative tasks.

Saying goodbye to a tenured staff member can present the opportunity to spend some serious time in reflection. So, exploit the moment.  Consider, too, the expertise and benefit of a consultant who can bring objectivity and even more experience to the table.

In short, change will (must) be a good thing.  Be open to it, ask pertinent questions, and you will be amazed at what can happen!

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