The Eclipse is Over– Now What Are You Doing to Generate Buzz?

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The Eclipse is Over– actually, the eclipse lasted about 2 minutes, depending upon where you were viewing it from.  The buzz that the eclipse has generated is fantastic!

What are you doing to generate buzz for your company?  New fall products, celebration of an open house anniversary, say 80 years in business?  New machinery, different product lines that were unavailable previously?

Many pundits have cited that the eclipse has generated a lot of buzz for STEM, science and going outside.  Now is the time to do the same for whatever your business does!

Do you have a new idea, a new product, a new use or application of an existing product that you can share with customers?  What about a new contract you just received?

Now is the time to begin to generate the buzz about something new in your business.  One of our clients had the opportunity to take on a new product line.  He eagerly accepted the opportunity, presented it to several of his clients, was able to sell the product to a few clients.  The exciting part is that the profit margin in this new product is substantially greater than some of his other products.  He found that by selling this new product, he was able to recover some lost territory he encountered earlier in the year.

Today is the day to seek new profit opportunities.  Many new profit opportunities are available.  Find one, gain some buzz like the eclipse.  You will make more money and help more customers.


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