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During the last month, the Rotary Club of Fort Worth has hosted a foreign exchange student from Germany.  This student, in his early 20’s, has had the opportunity start early and stay late.  Various Rotary Club members have given him intern opportunities.

This week, he is being hosted by one of our clients in the metrology business.  Starting early and staying late are characteristics of most of the individuals who work in the metrology industry!  Our client had to make a client call to a client in San Antonio, Texas today.  He asked the exchange student to ride along– this is a 4 hour ride one way from their corporate offices in Haltom City, Texas!

The young exchange student was excited about seeing more Texas and going to learn about another industry which he has not experienced.  However, the one factor that the intern has struggled with is the early morning starts of the various businesses that we have had him intern with!

Starting early and staying late is NOT a characteristic of many millennial individuals in today’s world of work!  We get that!  However, in order to get the work done, one has to start and finish as time allows.  Our experience is that starting early and staying late yields many tangible benefits– not only for you, but also for the client/customer.

Starting early allows uninterrupted thinking time, the time to be able to synthesize thoughts and be able to form a comprehensive, complete idea without interruption.  Staying late allows you to be able to address that last customer pain point when everyone else has gone home.  Now, we recognize that this is 2017, not 1917— a steady diet of 90 hour work weeks is unhealthy for all concerned.  However, a strong “surge” capability periodically is well worth the benefits derived.

Our young intern returns to his homeland this weekend.  We want him to have had a great experience here in the United States!  We all think he has!  The one thing that he has experienced is how we work!  We believe that is a good thing!

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