Norse Technologies


Norse Technologies requested professional advisory service support in the preparation of a contract for a prime vendor in support of a major weapons system acquisition project for the Department of Defense.


The client required a specific type of contractual response that they were unfamiliar with developing and preparing.


Solomon Bruce Consultants, in conjunction with the client’s accounting staff and certified public accountants, developed a response which fulfilled all governmental regulations and specific information requests. The data was easy to understand, complied with prime vendor information requirements and conformed to governmental requirements.


Norse Technologies garnered a multi-million dollar contract resulting from Solomon Bruce Consulting’s advisory services support.

Solomon Bruce Consulting, under the direction of Dr. Joe Michels, was integral in Norse Technologies securing a contract with a major aerospace weapons system manufacturer. The process required development of a proposal that conformed to the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR). Dr. Michels was extremely knowledgeable about the process, readily available to offer assistance, and exceptionally proficient in the requirements to satisfy the FAR requirements.

With Solomon Bruce Consulting’s assistance, we were awarded a major contract! We were delighted!” – Brian Lund, CEO, Norse Technologies