2012 is HERE– Are You Ready?

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   Well, 2012 is here!  Are you ready?  We are!  OK, you say, how are you ready?  Well, we have reviewed our strategic plan, made some adjustments, have completed our market analysis and projections and are ready to get started!
    What about you?  Have you begun?  Now is the time to spend some reflection and analysis time reviewing what has transpired in 2011 and making whatever field adjustments needed and necessary in order to insure a profitable and successful 2012.
     Here are some ideas to consider—

  •     What product lines were most profitable this past year?
  •      Why were those product lines profitable?
  •       What product lines were least profitable?  Why?  What could you have changed, if anything to insure that you achieved greater profitability?
  •      If you had to do it over again, what changes, if any, would you make?

These questions are simple, basic questions– however, with some exploratory analysis, will reveal some deep beliefs and ideas that you may not have considered.  More importantly, you may find some ideas that you can apply to your business goals in 2012.

Don’t wait to begin this analysis!  Now is the right time to start!  The answers that you derive may be very insightful for 2012.

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