2014– The Year of Change

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  Guess what, today is January 16, 2014!  We are already through 50% of January 2014 already!  Where did the time go?

   After all of the challenges we experienced in 2013, everyone is looking forward to a new year in 2014.  Part of looking forward is to identify changes that you wish to make, in your life, your business, your career.  What are those changes that you really want to make, but have not done so?  Whatever they are, let’s get started on making them.

    Change is not and does not have to be a hard or complicated concept!  It is not!  Make some small incremental improvements each and every day– kind of like turning an aircraft carrier– the carrier is so large and slow that it takes time to make big turns.  However, once the command is given to turn, small incremental turns result in a new direction.  The same thing is true in your life, in your business, in your career.  Make some small, incremental changes and watch what happens!  You will be happy with the results!

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