5 Remote Work Opportunities During Coronavirus + Tips for Saving Money on a Home Office

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Guest post by Tina Martin

Has your workplace shut down due to coronavirus? You may feel like you have no choice but to wait until lockdowns are lifted and you can return to work, but there are ways you can keep earning income during this crisis.

Instead of turning to grocery store and warehouse jobs where your health may be at risk, look to remote work opportunities that let you make money from the safety of home. Here are five remote work opportunities to help you make ends meet as well as tips for setting up a budget-friendly home office.

5 Remote Work Opportunities During Coronavirus

Customer service

While some industries are shut down due to COVID-19 lockdowns, others are busier than ever. Due to unprecedented demand for things like household cleaners, meal kit delivery services, fitness equipment, and garden seeds, these companies need extra hands on deck for answering customer inquiries. Luckily, many of these customer service jobs can be done remotely as long as you have reliable phone and internet service.


Health and life insurance companies are also seeing increased demand due to the toll coronavirus is taking. Whether your role is in sales, medical coding, or customer service, you can find a part-time work-from-home position in the insurance industry.


Coronavirus has led to major changes in the way companies do business. As a result, many businesses are turning to communications specialists to share coronavirus-related updates while preserving their company’s reputation. Whether you freelance or get hired as a permanent communications consultant, this job is a great fit if you have a background in public relations or communications.

Web Development

Along with changing business models comes an increased demand for online sales platforms. Food service businesses that have pivoted to curbside pick-up and delivery are seeking ways to let customers place orders online, and freelance web developers can help meet that need by adding an e-commerce component to small business websites.


With schools shut down for the foreseeable future, parents are faced with the task of teaching kids from home, and many are turning to online tutors for help. You can get started with online tutoring by reaching out to parents you know or through online tutoring platforms. Think about what age range and topics you’re comfortable tutoring and start developing educational materials before finding your first clients.

Budget-Friendly Tips for Working from Home

Before you can get started with remote work, you need to land a position and create a space to work. Here are some tips to help you save money while preparing to work from home.


  • Search for online deals on professional clothing. It’s important to look professional even while meeting via video chat. Clothing retailers like American Eagle make it easy to shop online and save money with AEO coupons and promo codes.
  • Get creative with your desk setup. Don’t have a desk at home? Look for unconventional spaces where you can work, like turning your ironing board into a standing desk or setting up shop in a walk-in closet for privacy.
  • Buy a refurbished laptop online. Now isn’t the time to haggle with Craigslist sellers. If you need a computer for remote work and don’t have a lot to spend, order a certified refurbished laptop from a reputable company like Dell, Apple, or Best Buy.
  • Go hardwired. Is your internet connection too slow to stay productive at home? Before spending money on faster internet service, try connecting with an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi. Not only are wired connections faster than Wi-Fi, they’re also more secure.


The coronavirus pandemic is uncharted territory, but despite the disruption it’s brought, there’s also opportunity for those who know where to look. While it’s natural to worry how you’ll make ends meet, don’t let your worry stop you from taking action. By searching for creative solutions like these, you can keep your bank accounts in the black until this crisis is over.


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