Are We Ever “Not Connected?”

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   One of our consultants was in San Juan, Puerto Rico recently for an engagement.  One of the astute observations made was that everyone, everyone was connected with a wireless device. 
    It made no difference if it was on the bus (public transportation), hotel lobby, fancy restaurant, the sidewalk, the ocean, the pool, the sun deck– nobody was “enjoying” the environment– all were “connected” with someone!
    Now, an interesting question has to be, “why text in the pool?”  Even more importantly, why text or surf the web when you are at dinner, with either 1, 2 or 20 colleagues or family members?  No, these were not all millennial generation individuals– these were all individuals!!
     Being connected is a hallmark of today’s modern wireless society.  Everyone is connected all the time.  This is even more so with millennial generation employees, however, one might think that being in the pool or sun bathing may not be the time to want to be connected!
     Did it make any difference to our consultant?  No, not really!  What was interesting was that all were connected in some form or fashion.
     Do you ever “not connect?”  An interesting question!

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