Attention to Detail Is Critical in Expert Witness Services

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A expert witness is an individual who possesses the knowledge and expertise to understand the key critical nuances of a legal matter.  He/she is then able to carefully but clearly, in easy to understand language, express his/her opinion for a jury or judge to consider during a lawsuit.


A retained expert witness may be responsible for reading and analyzing many hundreds of documents associated with a lawsuit.  Pleadings, files, rules, regulations, company policies and agreements are just a few of the types of documents that an expert may need to review in preparation for a lawsuit.

If the lawsuit involves a physical site, a physical site inspection may be required.  In other cases, models and exemplars may need to be developed and constructed to explain to the judge and jury how an incident happened.  Pictures and models easily illustrate what words cannot.  Models and exemplars visually show the nuances and importance of small-yet-critical details that words often cannot.  Generally, these details are crucial to explaining to fact finders exactly what transpired in the legal case.


An old maxim taught in law school states, “you can find an expert to testify to anything.”  Although we are NOT lawyers, nor do we represent that we are, we are professional business consultants who have extensive knowledge in business operations and supply chain management.  We focus on details, large and small, that are important in legal cases.  We are able to explain each of the specific details in a easy to understand language. Our explanations help judge and jury comprehend the case at hand.

At Solomon Bruce, our expert witnesses specifically focus on the following areas:

  • supply chain management
  • business operations
  • logistics
  • warehousing
  • business process improvement

In short, we know these areas well!

If you are involved in a legal matter, let’s talk.  We are very careful to only take engagements within our fields of expertise.  Our integrity and reputation are pristine—we wish to keep it that way. Click here to learn more about our services, then contact us for an initial consultation.

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