Business Law Resource: the Reidel Law Firm

 In Operations Management

As professional consultants, we often find that we need help from specialists ourselves.  We have cited many times that we are NOT lawyers or accountants, but we know whom to call when we require specialized expertise.

Periodically, we meet professionals we believe bring unique and special skills to our clients.  One firm we think provides excellent legal advice for small business is the Reidel Law Firm with offices in Galveston, Texas.

The Reidel firm focuses on helping those thinking either bout becoming a franchisor or franchisee or others involved in franchise operations.  The firm also has extensive knowledge in both Texas business law as well as international trade law.

Mr. Reidel is a licensed customs broker, helping both domestic and international clients navigate the vagaries of international trade law.  With the firm offices in Galveston, the firm is close to major United States sea and airports.

The firm has interesting and informative business articles included on their web site.  Take a look here at their insights.

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