But I Like My Rotary Phone! I Know How It Works!

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         Now that technology advances are exponential and upgrades or new programs and devices seem to be released every hourly, one needs to keep up with what’s new.  Of course, there are many ways which  to do this. But we’ve got a two-pronged approach that works really well—read the literature and exploit your millennial employees.
            Our youngest team members are digital natives. They  know more about tablets, smart phones,  apps, laptops and social media than their more mature employees.  So capitalize on that knowledge! And the requests create a good way to learn about working together.  We do this —all the time!
            Here’s an example. One young woman works at a big organization at her university during the school year but serves as an intern during the summer. Her internship position is at  a firm that has a mature leader.  She commented to us that her boss was entirely  paper-based—everything has to have a piece of paper with it. At her school, it’s all digital.
“I tried to tell my boss about the advantages of digital, but she is just  more comfortable with her old ways!” 

            T his willing millennial employee could and would teach her boss something about the newest advances in our digital world—if only her leader would consider the opportunity! 
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