Communications Is Key to Strong Internal and Client/Customer Relationships

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Frequent, dynamic, interactive communication is the glue that binds business relationships.  Knowing and understanding what the customer needs and wants is a critical component of success in business.  If your employees do not know to use all of the communications tools available to them – human and technical, now is the time to teach them.

And you’ve got the talent to do so right now. Your mature employees are ideally suited to teach new individual contributors how to use the phone, interact at meetings, present at a gathering and understand the human aspects of the business building process.  Millennial employees will be excited about it, too, as they can illustrate to more mature employees their best practices for texting and use of email. Resulting collaborative relationships close generational divides. When team members work together, they capitalize and leverage the others’ strengths

If there is a skill deficiency, identify and resolve quickly.  And as we know, the quickest way will be through human interaction and communications. 
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