Do you Measure and Understand your Employees?

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     With the dynamic, changing workforce that we are involved in today, it is important for business owners to know and understand their employees.  Work force violence has become much more rampant than we have seen in many years.  However, there are some tools to insure that your business does experience this work force violence issues.

       Here are some ideas that you should consider when working with employees– even if only one employee!

  •    Staff advocacy score— how likely is your staff to recommend your company to work for?  Kind of a simple question, but a very telling one!  High scores here suggest that you have a rich, nurturing environment for workers.
  •      Employee engagement— Are your employees engaged in the business?   If everyone is constantly giving you new ideas and coming up with new ways to do things, they are engaged.
  •       Absenteeism   — A low absenteeism rate suggests that people are both happy and engaged in their work.  If this factor is high, determining the “WHY” question is important.
  •      Human Capital Value  — What value do you place on your employees?  People are the most important part of the workforce equation.  A high value here is reflected in happy workers.

       These are some ideas that show value of employees.  This list was contained in The Big Data Guru, by Bernard Marr, August 12, 2014.   www

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