Excuse Me, This is Important– I Need To Take This Call.

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     One of our consultants met with another professional services provider the other day.  Both had met at a Rotary meeting and  each wanted to  learn more about the business both were in.  A meeting was set up at a local coffee shop.
      The meeting was going along well until the other professional services provider’s cell phone buzzed.  “Excuse me, this is important– I need to take this call” is what the other individual said.  Umm, our consultant wondered what was more important than visiting with him?  After all, he scheduled his day to devote full attention and detail to the individual with whom he was meeting.  After a few minutes, the other individual ended the conversation and continued the conversation where it had been left.
        Interestingly, throughout the 25 minutes of the meeting, the other individual continued to look at the cell phone– answering text messages while talking to our consultant.
       Well, what do you think that our consultant felt and thought?  He was not important, not valued and not respected by the other individual. 
        Never, Never take a cell phone to a meeting.  There is nothing so important that it cannot wait.  If it is that important, reschedule the meeting until such time that you can devote undivided attention to the individual that you are meeting with.  Respect others.  Remember the Golden Rule!

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