How TO DO public relations and business development!

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   Our last blog entry described how NOT to do public relations and business development.  Here is a recent example of HOW TO DO great public relations and business development!
   I attended Rotary at a different club than my own club because I needed a make-up meeting.  This club meets in a nice restaurant which has great meeting space, good food and a cordial, welcoming atmosphere.  As I was paying for my lunch, an individual had engaged the restaurant manager about a negative experience a few days before.  As the individual was describing what had happened, the manager carefully and calmly listened to the guest’s dissatisfaction.  At the end of the discussion, the manager said, “Wow, I was not here, however, I sure understand your dissatisfaction. If you had that experience, I am sure other guests felt the same way, but did not tell me! I am glad you told me about what happened.  I will correct it immediately.   Let me give you a gift certificate to try our restaurant again!”  The manager gave the individual a gift certificate, the guest left and promised to come back and try the restaurant again!
    As I visited with the manager, he told me that guest satisfaction is his highest priority.  He said that he was sure that if this guest was unhappy, there were others that were also unhappy, however, he would not have known anything about it if he was not told.
    The manager told me that he works hard with his staff to insure that each and every guest has a positive dining experience.  However, when the guests don’t have a positive experience, he wants to “make it right”, no matter what must be done.  In this case, he was happy with the issuance of the gift certificate and the guest was willing to come and eat again.
    This is the kind of positive public relations and customer service that people remember.  Interestingly, research has shown that people who have a gift certificate will almost always spend more money than the value of the gift certificate.  Another point is that only about 40% of all gift certificates are ever fully redeemed, so the business owner normally makes money on a gift certificate.
    What I found so interesting in this example was that the manager clearly understood that his guest was his number one priority and he wanted to insure great guest satisfaction. 
     After reading the previous blog entry, what business do you want to business with?  I want to do business with the firm whose manager clearly understands the importance of the guest/client!  Think about how this might impact your business!  There is a great teaching point contained herein!


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