No Worries– We Want You To Be Happy!

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     The title to today’s blog was provided to us by a service provider.  We had engaged the service provider to perform some services for us.  Most of the project went well, however, there was an error with one of the work products that was produced.  Significant–YES.  Will the world end–NO.
      We identified the error to the service provider.  He said that he would check into it and be back with our staff.  A couple of days transpired, the phone call came and the answer was, “We are still checking!”  Our consultant asked the basic question, “Well, what happens now?”  The answer, “We all laugh and the live happily ever after!”  OK, humor is the key tool to resolving any snag.  Our consultant “got it” and said, fine, not a problem.  The Service Provider said that he would check into the error and be back with us in a couple of days.  He had some staff members out on vacation and needed to check with them on how the error occurred.
       Well, what could we say?  Actually, nothing– there was nothing to say.  The service provider, whom we have done business with previously has always produced a superior product.  The products were always cost competitive, but the quality of the product was superb!  Besides, he is a great guy to deal with!
       Now, in the end, the matter will turn out just fine.  In fact, this is the way that any customer problem should be resolved– “No worries, we want you to be happy!”  There is no argument that an error was made in manufacturing of the product that we ordered– that is incontrovertible.  What is exciting was that there was no hassle or argument on trying to resolve the matter.
        If you are in business and have customer relations challenges, and at times, we all do, this is the way that those challenges should be handled.  “No worries, We Want You to be Happy!”  Are we there yet?  Well, no, not yet.  However, we expect that at the end of the day, the matter will be handled in a fashion that is satisfactory to all concerned.  Something to think about!

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