Recognition– It is Important!

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A recent article in the Wall Street Journal identified one of the key traits of a successful leader. That trait is recognition– of all the people that are around he/she.
A successful leader knows that he/she did not get to the “top of the heap” without the help and aid of others– many others. These are the folks who work on the floor, drive the equipment, cook the meals, sweep the floors– after all, there is no I in team– success in any business, sports activity or enterprise is comprised of a team effort.
The next time that you are among your team mates, make a real attempt to speak to everyone. Amazingly, you will be surprised at the end effect. Most folks will be surprised that you took the time to speak with them. They will be even more surprised if you remember their name, something about them or their family.
We all like to hear our name called. We all like to be recognized for a job well done. If you are the leader of the organization, it is important to be “out and among” the individuals who are producing the products! Your team members will be happy to talk to you!
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