She Lost her Lease; No, the Business was Sold to Folks in Iowa; Business was Slow, She Closed Down!

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     I was in a business meeting the other day and someone mentioned a business that is located in the town that I was in.  Of the several different business people at the meeting, everyone had a different idea of what happened to a local business that had recently closed.  Interestingly, the more folks that became involved in the discussion, the more stories about what had happened to the business under discussion.
     Bad news is not like wine– it does not get better with time.  If something is going to happen to your business, you might as well be the one who controls what happens and how the knowledge is portrayed.
     In the particular instance here, many business owners each had “heard” or “were told” what happened!  Interestingly, no two stories were similar.  If you are going to move, close the store, take on a partner, join a franchise, add a new line, you as the business owner are best suited to explain what is happening.
      Be proactive and positive, no matter what the news is!  Loosing a lease may be the best thing that ever happened to you.  You may be able to get more space, less space, more parking, better lighting, etc.  Closing or moving the business may be what you need at this particular point in time.  Always find the positive spin on news– no matter how bad it may appear, there is always something good.  Don’t let your customers, neighbors or competition guess what happened.  Tell them proudly what is going on– you will be happier that you did.

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