The 7th Grade Math Problem

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     A business owner gave us this problem to solve, as brought home by his 7th grade son.  Now, this is a 7th grade math problem, there are no tricks here, nothing spooky requiring differential calculus, the Pythagorean theorem, Polynomials or the Quadratic formula– all of which were considered in solving this.

      Don’t make this any harder than it is– it is NOT hard and there is no trick here– just plain old arithmetic and basic algebra.  Our crack staff spent more time than 7th grader would ever think about working the problem.  In the end, the EASY solution is the answer.  This is not differential calculus, however we explored that also.  Remember, this is a 7th grade math problem.

     OK, here is the problem.  A + B equals 13/24 (A+B=13/24).  The product of AB is 1/16  (A*B=1/16).  What are the values of A and B?

     Put your answers here– we have more to discuss about this in the next post.

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