The Thank You Note That Inspired a Job Offer

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             One of my graduate students at the University of North Texas told me that he received a great job offer after he followed a job interview with a  thank you note.

                During our work in the class, we had discussed job searches and the job interview process.  One of the points I made for the class was that in order to be distinctive as a job candidate, the students must always send a thank you to each individual that a candidate encounters during the course of the interviews.

                We had this discussion early in the semester. Then, as the class was beginning to search for jobs when they graduated, I told them the characteristics our firm seeks in a job candidate.  One distinction that identified a real professional from just another individual contributor was receiving athank you note.  This student paid attention to that advice and received a great job offer to begin his post graduate career.

                Certainly this is a tried and true tradition, one I learned about from a colleague who worked as a financial advisor at Edward Jones.  Edward Jones began in rural Missouri, in a small town in the western part of the state.  Mr. Jones, the founder,had the habit of sending every one of the people he met with daily a note for taking the time to visit with him.  This practice became a part of the Edward Jones culture. In the early days of Edward Jones, a broker did not receive an office until he/she had established over 100 new accounts for business.  My colleague was trained in that model, and he wanted to have his own office as soon as possible.  If a new financial advisor sent a note to everyone he or she met, that advisor increased the chances of actually opening a new account, getting an office and a adding an assistant to help with administrative work.

This daily expression of gratitude is a great example of how simple thanks can influence results, every time. Surprise them. Give it a try.
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