Why Do the Smokers Always Hang Out At the Front Door?

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     In o he past 10 years, the number of folks who use smoking tobacco has steadily decreased.  Concerns about health care, health care costs, general health and expense have all been factors in decreased use of smoking tobacco.  However, there are always a few individuals who are employees who continue to use smoking tobacco.  When they have a desire to smoke, many times, they go to the front door of the store and smoke.
      Now, as a customer, many individuals do not like to walk through a heavy cloud of smoke to get to the business.  Why?  Well, your clothes become saturated with smoke, you smell like smoke, your eyes begin to water and for some individuals with pulmonary problems, experience breathing difficulties.

      If you have employees who smoke, designate a space or spot where the employee can smoke.  This may be off property.  It may be in the employee’s car.  However, it should never be anywhere that can be obstructing or difficult for the client or customer to come into the business facility.

       With new health care laws being enacted, some legislation has been considered where those employees who use smoking tobacco products will pay a much higher health care insurance premium.  Employees make the personal decision to use smoking tobacco.  However, that does not mean that clients or customers have to subject to their smoking practices.

       This is a real competitive service issue.  If your firm does not have a smoking policy, we strongly suggest that one be developed.  The policy can be onerous enough that employees will elect to quit smoking because of the policy.  Here is an example– all employees must be at least 500 feet from any company facility in order to use smoking tobacco.  Nothing says that you have to provide a “smoking cabana” or other facility for folks to smoke.  If it is cold, hot, rainy or windy, so be it– nobody is forcing the individual to smoke.

       Many colleges, businesses and hospitals have gone smoke free on the entire campus.  Signs are posted to inform visitors of the policy.  It works!  This is one area where strong leadership reduces the use of smoking tobacco.  Carefully consider developing such a policy if your firm currently fails to have such a policy in place.

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