Why Use a Consultant? Cost is NOT the Only Factor To Consider!

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     The question often arises, “Why Use a Consultant?”  Here are some great reasons—–

  • Flexibility
  • Independent Advice
  • Easy ability to Ramp Up/Ramp Down
  • Broad Skill Sets
  • Specialized Training and Licenses/Certifications
  • Timeliness
  • Knowledge
  • Costs could be more- Could be less

The Cost question always comes up.  When you think about the fully burdened cost of an employee, i.e., salary, benefits (30% of salary), bonus, training, on-boarding, recruiting, severance– it is usually cheaper to use a consultant.  Now, if the project is a long term, on-going process which the employee can be reassigned at the completion of the project, maybe a full time employee makes sense.

However, using a consultant brings in creative, innovative ideas that may not be present when hiring an employee.  Consultants bring value when you least expect it.  We always expect it!

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