Adopting New Business Technology: How to Put Employees First

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Guest Post by Sam Marcum

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Technology has a lot to offer businesses of all shapes and sizes. The right text tools can boost productivity, cut costs, improve accuracy, and more! But like all good things, tech upgrades come with a few drawbacks. Innovative tech advancements can make some employees feel less essential. Businesses that want to implement digital technology into their operations must take steps to engage their employees and make sure everyone equally benefits from these advancements. Here are some tips from Solomon Bruce Consulting to ensure your employees always come first!

Automate and Give Employees More Valuable Work

If your employees spend a lot of time doing mundane, repetitive, ‘grunt’ work, this is where business process management can help. What is business process management? Business process management (BPM) can automate many business processes and workflows to make your business more productive. By automating time-consuming, repetitive tasks, your employees will be able to focus on more valuable work. Give your employees the opportunity to work on projects that leverage their skills! BPM can also eliminate errors and boost your balance sheet. Just be sure to monitor the effectiveness of your BPM framework so you can continue to make optimizations.

Provide Tech Training

To ensure your employees benefit from your tech advancements, take the time to train everyone on how to properly use new tools essential to process improvements. Many employees feel alienated by fancy new tools that are hard to understand. TechFit Computer Services recommends offering software training to your team, whether remote or in-house. Teach them how to leverage technology to make their day-to-day work easier, improve team-wide communication, avoid errors, and improve their cybersecurity practices. Be careful to avoid burdening your employees with too much information, though. Pick out information that’s relevant to your team and break it down into digestible chunks.

Offer Flexible Work Schedules

Certain tech upgrades may make it possible to offer your employees more flexibility regarding when they work. There are many different types of flexible work arrangements to consider. For example, a compressed workweek involves having employees work longer days in exchange for an extra day off every week. Many tech companies offer their employees something called “flextime,” which allows employees to work when they’re most productive. Not only is this a great way to ensure your employees are happy with their work-life balance, but it can increase productivity for your business as well, making it an essential component of your process improvements overall,

Shift to Remote Work

Even better, consider offering remote work options to your employees. Thanks to advancements in business communication and collaboration tools, most employees don’t have to be on site to get work done. In fact, many studies have found that employees work more productively when given the option to work from home at least part of the time. Show your employees how BPM and business tech upgrades can give them more control over their hours and work environment. Before shifting to remote work, talk to your team. Find out what your employees need in a remote work environment to ensure they will be comfortable with this transition.

Offer Extra Wellness Benefits

If your digital technology upgrades wind up saving you a lot of money or bringing in additional income, consider using some of this cash to fund new employee wellness programs. This will show your valuable team members that you’re using your extra profits to benefit the people who work hard for you all day, every day. Plus, explains that an employee wellness program can help reduce employee turnover, healthcare costs, and absenteeism while boosting productivity and sustaining high employee morale. Some great programs to consider include yoga classes, healthy lunch options, and on-site fitness centers.

As you get your business up to speed with BPM and the latest tech innovations, pay special attention to the needs of your employees. Make sure they feel acknowledged and heard when they voice concerns about these upgrades. By including your employees in this transition and using the advantages of technology to benefit your team, you can ensure a smooth introduction to technology!

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