Building Blocks—Addressing Learning Disorders and Academic Challenges in Children

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With the COVID-19 pandemic still running rampant in our nation, many parents have had to assume the role of their child’s teacher while some schools have gone to a remote learning delivery modality.  Even with video assisted platforms, parents are assuming a greater role in the education of their children without the benefit of a certified and licensed professional educator.  A challenge that some parents face is that not all children learn at the same rate or have learning disabilities that may not have been identified.  The next logical question is this, “What do we do and how do we help our child progress?”


When school is in session, the classroom teacher can aid and assist the parent if the teacher identifies a child that may have learning difficulties.  However, when working at home with your children, if the parent is not a trained educator, they may not know what or how to address these challenges.

Noted Author Vikki Carrel has just released a new book, Building Blocks, which provides practical and actionable steps that a parent can take to address a child’s learning deficiencies.  As a mother of two grown sons who experienced and overcame learning difficulties  while in school, Ms. Carrel is uniquely qualified to aid and assist other parents address similar problems.

Building Blocks, discusses the 504 plans, the Individual Educational Plan (IEP) besides styles of learning, listening, growth, bullying, information processing and goal setting and goal attainment.  The book is written in easy to understand form and provides direction and guidance in how to address learning deficiencies in children.


If you or a loved one are the parent of a child with a learning disorder, Building Blocks, is  a book which may be very beneficial in addressing these challenges.  You can order a copy of this book at this website–


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