Change Chaos Builds Business Resilience

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The global world environment that we find ourselves in today is constant change, 24-7-365!   How resilient are you when change occurs?   Change and chaos are two constants that we in business face continually.  Addressing each is the ability to identify and resolve the factors that cause chaos  and change.

Developing and implementing a specific plan for change is one way to anticipate and absorb the chaos that is inevitably its companion.

Here is how to begin:

  1. Identify the change and associated chaos that your business is experiencing.
  2. Define and address the related factors and how they are impacting your business or organization.
    1. For example, if your sales or market share have decreased, why?
      1. Are your products still relevant?
      2. Is your customer base stable and active?
  • Are you delivering what your customers need/want/desire or not?
  1. Repeat this algorithm for each change element that you are experiencing.

This process is called a factor analysis, similar to a Strength-Weakness- Operations-Threat (SWOT) Analysis. Use this information to craft a plan of remediation that addresses each change and chaos factor.

We all face change every day.  Developing a rational plan that identifies the factors that cause each individual challenge.   Identify ways to  re mediate or resolve painful issues. The result is the ability to successfully face  change and address improvements each day.

If you need help gaining this business resilience, give our consultants a call, 817-386-3032.

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