Change at Warp Speed? Is Your Company Adapting?

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Change is occurring in the world today at Warp speed!  How you prepare and adapt for this change is important if you are to remain relevant, current and maintain a leadership role in your industry or trade space.

The first step is to become aware of your business environment.  What is changing—locally, regionally, nationally, internationally?  If you say, “Nothing,” then perhaps you have  some catching up to do.

  • Attend a trade show, an annual industry conference, a seminar sponsored by the local Chamber of Commerce, an area university or community college.
  • Read all you can about your industry. See what industry leaders are touting as new, relevant and exciting!  There is a lot to learn in any industry.

As an example, the fast food industry has a hard time finding dependable workers.  Some fast food enterprises have elected to use tableside computers to allow you to order drinks and food via touchscreen, with the only human interaction when wait staff brings the food from the kitchen to serve you.  In the companies that have enacted this technology, surveys have found that some customers like it while others prefer the human interaction of a live server taking and delivering your food order.

That human factor doesn’t negate the technology but must become a complement to it. No matter your industry, the key to business growth and success is still a human one: good customer service.  That service may be digitized or live, but humans are still involved in making it happen. As we have cited previously, most customers will gladly pay more for good customer service, knowing that they have someone dedicated to solving problems the customer may be encountering.

warp speed change

Recently, one of our consultants was in a brick and mortar men’s clothing store.  The products were high-end fashion.  How do they stay in business? The answer was clear—active, involved customer service, with fine products that loyal customers are willing to pay for.  This specific company also hired a millennial age employee to become the social media guru, assuring they adapt to change for the next generation of customers.  The result—increased sales, anincrease in younger, millennial age customers and inspiration for new and different fashion products desired by millennials.

Another example is the proliferation of food preparation services that send you a certain pre-determined set of meal ingredients and recipes every week.  Each package is properly proportioned, with clear and easy instructions to use to prepare gourmet, high-quality meals easily and quickly.  The price, though perhaps higher than shopping at the grocery store, delivers each meal kit with everything in the proper sizes and proportions, reducing waste, hassle and the need to go shopping.

How has your industry or business changed? Are you aware of the trends and influences? Or, if you  don’t know where to start—today is the day to call us for a consultation.  We can help you take a look at your situation and  begin to make the necessary changes so that you remain relevant for your customers and in today’s world.

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