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Guest Post By Sierra Powell

There are 582 million entrepreneurs in the world, and you’re one of them. You want to be a self-made billionaire. However, you’ll take the role of a self-made millionaire if necessary.

To do this you need to make some changes to your promotional items. This would be your blog, podcast, and videos, among others. If you have clean presentations, then people believe your company is run the same way. To help you out, here are some editing hacks to help your business.


A video is one of those promotional items where you may want to budget some outside help. There are plenty of programs that allow you to perform your own edits. However, you have to spend time and effort learning how to clear up blurry frames and avoid harsh jump edits.

To trim video, you can look at companies like Invideo. They have subject matter experts (SMEs) who know how to clean up a video. The result will be a clean, high-quality presentation that impresses viewers.


Audio is easier to edit. It can take time to remove all the umms and errs from a 30-minute recording, but there are hacks to get through it. Plus, you don’t have to pay for software or an audio engineer.

There are open-source editing programs with tutorials that help new people trim their work. With these applications, you can see the pregnant pauses and stutters. You simply highlight them for deletion. When done, the podcast will sound much smoother to you and your customers.

Grammar And Punctuation

You can’t help your business if your website and blog feature glaring errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Those are a signal that you don’t care about your company. So, these items require editing. There are two hacks for this.

First, use an online grammar checker. These keep track of what you write and report any misspellings, incorrect grammar usage, or poor punctuation. The second way is to copy your information to a word processing tool and run spellcheck. Some of these programs also have a read-aloud feature. This allows you to hear what was written to see if needs further correction.


A clean photo is as important as a pristine video. Blurred images that are too big or too small don’t draw in new customers. You want high-quality, properly sized images to enhance your website.

You could probably use one of the built-in editing packages with your computer’s operating system. However, they only provide a minimal amount of tools. You want to search for open-source photo editing tools on the internet. These have more ways for you to crop photos and change their size.

Product Listings

The editing hacks above are combined when you need to make changes to your product listings. You want to utilize the editing tools provided by your website platform to make your list of items as uniform as possible. They should all be even. If you want a larger picture or longer description, then you need to include those on another page that’s linked to the original.

If you don’t like the way things line up, an additional hack you can utilize, if available, is to switch from standard text to HTML code. Through online tutorials, you can learn the basics of this type of coding. It may help get the results you desire.


Though the hacks provided offer opportunities to enhance your audio, video, and text, don’t use them until you have an understanding of what they do. Take time to learn about them. It might seem like a waste; however, the return on investment in the form of new clients will be well worth it.

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