4 Marketing Techniques to Help Build Your Customer Base

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Guest Post by Sierra Powell

A business can only be successful if it’s customer base grows. Customers are the driving force of a business as their traffic will either boost or lower your sales. Therefore, you must strive towards building your customer base.

Below are several techniques that’ll help you grow your customer base.

1.Provide Free ‘Things’

Running a business is a matter of psychology. It often revolves around how you present a product to a client. A client will only trust your product if you show indications of trusting them from the onset. And an excellent way to do so is by providing free offers.

Some of these offers include free trials and free newsletters. Such offers indicate trust as they show how considerate you’re to provide free information or trials on your products. Once you build trust with your clients, you rest assured to have more customers trying your product or service.

In terms of services, you can offer free lessons on your craft. For instance, if you’re a mobile developer, you can write articles on topics like ‘how to promote app for free’ such information is hard to come by. In a nutshell, always find a way to provide free offers to build trust between you and your client.

2.Customer Service

Improving your customer service is another sure way to have your client base grow. Treat your customers with courtesy, regardless of their loyalty. Good customer service guarantees the right word on your behalf by your clients.

Ways to Improve your customer service is by directing your staff always to maintain courtesy and professionalism. Also, encourage your staff to treat customers with respect.

However, it’s important to note that good customer service does not solely rely on how your staff deals with clients. Customer service also depends on how you treat your staff. A good workplace guarantees excellent work ethics that promote professionalism and foster productivity.

Therefore, treat your staff the way you’d want them to treat your business. Remember, if your customers get excellent customer service, chances are they are more likely to recommend your product or service to other potential clients.

Also, avoid getting lost in the “a client is always right’ theory to the point of disregarding your employees. A toxic workplace will always translate to an awful customer service experience.

3.Build Your Network

There’s nothing powerful in marketing than networking. Through networking, you get to pitch your sales to potential clients. Therefore, it’s paramount that you ensure your network is growing by the minute.

To do so, attend networking events like seminars and conventions. If possible, sponsor a networking event around you and use that platform to showcase your product to potential clients. Other ways to build your network include providing free offers to a new client who’ll recommend your product or service to potential customers.

You can also build your network online. To build your network online, ensure that you utilize social media by advertising your products and services to potential clients. Also, take advantage of the call to action feature that provides ways in which your clients can reach you or work with you.

In a nutshell, building your network involves ensuring you reach out to your clients or potential clients while providing a clear cut channel for them to reach you back.

4.Stay Up To Date With The Internet

The internet evolves every minute, and with each evolution comes a different marketing trend. For instance, a few years ago, pop ads were the top internet marketing fad, but they’re currently outdated and annoying. Therefore, using pop ads will sure affect your customer base growth.

Keeping in track with what happens on the internet will come a long way in helping your client base grow. A perfect example is utilizing online influencers. Online influencers analyze your product or services and recommend it to their multiple followers. These followers then end up trying your product based on that recommendation.

Another way to stay up-to-date is to improve user experience if your business is an online business. Also, take feedback on how to improve the user experience of your website or application.

The techniques above will surely help boost the growth of your client base. Utilize them and watch your business grow.

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