Marketing Tips for Mature Entrepreneurs

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Guest post by Derek Goodman


The principles of sound business leadership never change, but the methods evolve. As a senior entrepreneur, you have the advantage of experience when launching a new enterprise. Still, you may need a primer on current practices for connecting with your desired clientele. Apply these suggestions for marketing your company.


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Fortify Your Network

Networking opens doors to increased attention to your business. Search for events where you can display your offerings to potential buyers and partners. Reconnect with previous contacts and look for complementary ways to work together.


Discern Your Target Market

If you decide to market to everyone, you will connect with no one. Create an ideal customer profile (ICP) to understand the characteristics of your most profitable clients. Using those demographics, determine which platforms and channels are best for reaching your target audience. Understand what matters most to those prospects to craft messaging that shows how you solve their problems.


Define a buyer persona to help your ICP live in your mind and messages. You should specify the persona’s age, lifestyle, and interests. Then craft a brand story that will stick with consumers and design a logo that defines you.


Create Memorable Branding

Stand out as unique with branding that draws in more clients. Use color psychology in your branding to communicate the right personality. Researchers show that the correct use of color can motivate and inspire buyers to action, so consider the hues that attract consumers and encourage engagement.


Entice Customers With Discounts and Freebies

You have to earn the business of new customers, and an excellent way to get people to notice you is with free samples. A complimentary taste of what you can do is a marketing cost that can convert into a loyal customer if you wow them on the first outing. Offer a deep discount if you can’t afford to give a high-ticket item away.


Freebies aren’t always products and services. Convince and Convert explains, as you add subscribers to your email and social media campaigns, create content that teaches your prospects valuable information. You can’t always sacrifice products, but you can provide value by giving away knowledge.


Discover Tools to Aid Your Campaigns

Various low-cost and free tools exist that allow you to market without breaking the bank. A social media scheduler helps you create a campaign and plan posts with helpful templates and prompts. You don’t have to spend big bucks for website optimization since free options can let you know where visitors are scrolling and clicking. SEO tools help you find where traffic is funneling in from and how you compare to your competition.


Learn What Works From Existing Customers

Gather and study data to make adjustments to your marketing campaigns. Track which messages and methods create customer engagement and repeat winning strategies. Use heatmaps to find the areas of your website where visitors spend the most time.


You can gain a lot of information by asking customers what works and doesn’t. Use incentives, such as gift cards and discounts, to encourage buyers to complete surveys.


Learn New Skills With a Business Degree


An online business degree can give you the skills and knowledge you need to create and implement a successful marketing campaign. With different types of business degrees, you’ll learn about the different aspects of marketing, including market research, advertising, and public relations. You’ll also gain an understanding of consumer behavior, which is essential for targeting your marketing efforts.



Don’t be intimidated by modern marketing methods and strategies. Patiently learn new techniques and employ them to promote your business effectively. Develop your marketing plan by creating a user persona and complete a situational analysis to understand their situation. Then, learn the ins and outs of social media and virtual communication tools to master the digital aspect of your marketing. Also, you may want to consider earning a business degree. It may take some effort, but you will soon master the important aspects of marketing and get your name on the lips of many interested customers.

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