Energy Savings Increase Corporate Profitability

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    The Ashton Hotel in Fort Worth, Texas had a new air conditioning compressor installed on the roof of the building the other day.  As I watched the crane operator delicately move the new compressor from the truck to the roof and remove the old one, I was impressed with the skill of the operator.
      After the old compressor was put on the truck, I visited with crew leader, Randy Farrar from RuchCo Energy Specialists in Euless, Texas.  Randy told me that the new compressor was hand built in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.  He told me that the old one would be sent back for rebuild, if the unit was in such condition that it could be rebuilt.
       As we talked, Randy told me about a new business line his firm had developed regarding microprocessor controls for air conditioning systems.  He said that there are major firms that make controls for air conditioning systems.  Once you have one of those systems, you are normally beholden to the manufacturer for repair and service.  In this particular case, his firm was able to design and engineer a new system, using common parts that were no more expensive than the company proprietary system that was initially installed when the air conditioning system was new. 
       Another point that Randy made was that the biggest source of energy usage in a building is lighting.  Lighting–UMMM.  This looks like an area where an analysis can be done by the power company to identify new types of lighting that will be less costly and much more efficient!  With new microprocessor controls for air conditioning systems and more efficient lighting in your facility, there is money to be captured that you may not have previously considered.
       Call Randy at RushCo Energy Specialists at 817-267-5155 to discuss how he can help you improve your air conditioning needs.  His expertise and that of his team will help you save money and increase your corporate profitability in areas where you did not realize savings existed.
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