Government Contracting–A New Business Line!

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As business continues to grow, new product lines are often needed to sustain growth.  Our clients have found that becoming a government contractor can be a very lucrative source of additional sales opportunities


Each government entity, be it city, village, county, state, federal need a wide variety of products that private enterprise sells.  It really does not make any difference what you sell, the government buys it.  Becoming a government contractor is one way in which to develop a new product line, resulting in a new income stream.

Before you decide to become a government contractor, you need to learn the “ways of the government.”  Government contracting is tedious, with lots of details which must complied with, however, you can do this.  Our firm has helped clients win multi million dollar contracts.  We have ensured that the client fulfilled the terms of the government bid request, that the bid was fair and reasonable, and the product was what was requested.

We have worked with clients who received a government contract and then, because they did not understand all of the nuances of the government contracting process, ended up in default.  Default means that you were unable to fulfill the terms of the contract.  Government contract defaulting is a bad thing– you never wish to default on a government contract.  We can help ensure that should never happen.

Possessing adequate cash flow is another in becoming a government contractor.  The government will pay you for your product or service, however, the payment may 120-180 days after you have delivered the service or product.  Some firms do not have the necessary cash flow to be able to sustain a 180 pay window.


If you think that you want to become a government contractor, give us a call.  We can help.  Government contracting can be very lucrative.  However, in order to ensure that you make money on the contract, you must clearly understand what it is that you are undertaking!  That is NOT a small task.  Our experts are Solomon Bruce Consulting LLC have the experience and background to aid and assist you in seeking, securing and performing on a government contract.  Call us today.

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