Here is How To Retain and Maintain Happy Employees!

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Employee retention is one the key factors that businesses have challenges with today.  It makes no difference what business you are in, being able to retain and motivate employees becomes a constant battle.  However, it should not be the case.  With good leadership, empathy and concern for each employee, a business owner can retain and maintain employees.

Here is how this is successfully achieved:

  1.  Treat everyone with respect– The Golden Rule, i.e., “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you goes a long way to ensure employee happiness.
  2. Allow employees to speak up, question and allow for employees to help LEAD the organization.  Remember, none of us is as smart as all of us.  Just because an employee did not go to college, earn a graduate degree does not mean that he/she does not know what is going on.
  3. Seek and act on employee opinions.  Goes back to point 2– None of us are as smart as all of us.
  4. Provide public recognition in front of clients and customers.  Everyone likes that, employees like it more when the boss recognizes the employee for great work.
  5. Support the employee when a difficult client or customer wishes to argue or become rude to the employee.
  6. Buy lunch every month–not just a McDonald’s lunch, but a real lunch.  Treat your staff– they will recognize it, value it and appreciate it.
  7. Invest in training and skill development.  If someone wants to learn something, support them– the dividends will be paid back manifold.
  8. Provide a good working environment– provide good, operating equipment that is safe and functional.
  9. Provide constant encouragement, drive, motivation and desire to each employee.  After all, these are people that are making you money.  Take care of them


Following our advice will ensure that you have highly motivated, great employees.  Don’t be afraid to spend money on your staff– they will recognize it and work harder for you.

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