I am Sending Out Resumes All Day Long—Nobody Calls. What is Wrong?

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The job market today is RED HOT.  There are more companies seeking new employees than appears to be employees available.  However, when our firm received the call that is the title to this blog post, we immediately knew that the candidate was doing something wrong.  The candidate also knew that he was doing something wrong but did not know what.  A quick review of his resume immediately told us the problem.


      Resumes are the initial tool used to apply for a job.  In today’s world, much of the initial review work is done by computer, never to be touched by human hands.  A neatly crafted resume, addressing the key words in the job description/announcement is the first step to becoming recognized.  The resume this individual developed had none of that.

Second, a concise but powerful objective or profile statement indicates what the candidate desires, what he/she can do and is interested in.  This objective statement saves a lot of time on the employer—no reason to interview some candidate not interested in the job we are searching for.

Numbers which quantify the accomplishments and achievements of the candidate are important in today’s world.  We all like to see numbers—we like to see what the candidate has done, quantitatively.  This tells a prospective employer what the candidate can produce.

Sadly, no characteristics were included in the resume that the candidate had.  We have worked with the candidate to build a new resume which has gotten many favorable reviews and several offers of gainful employment.


      There is no reason for frustration seeking a job.  Yes, we charge for our services, but the results justify the cost!  One can “go alone” and try—which normally results in extreme frustration and disappointment.  Conversely, our firm can be engaged to help—produce a professional resume product and have the phone constantly ring.  When this happens, the decision becomes, “Which job do I take—they are all exactly what I was seeking?”  This is always the words we like to hear from clients—they know that the fee they paid was well worth it!  We know that it was worth it—the client got a great job!

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