I Like Any Business That Makes it Easy to do Business!

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  I was visiting with a business owner the other day and she made the comment that is the title of this blog post.  I asked what she meant?  She said that she likes to do business with other businesses that are friendly, know their customers, are interested in their customers and really interested in resolving problems, if and when any might arise.
   As I sat and thought about her comment, I could clearly see what she was saying!  The question that came to me is “Is that how your business is perceived?”  Again, before you answer, think about the complications.
   Obviously, the answer that you wish to provide is “Sure, that is our business.”  Well, how do you know?  Who said that?  Are you sure?
    I had a client the other day that told me that he had a negative experience with his bank.  He went and visited with the bank president and although felt that the meeting went better than he had originally expected, he is beginning to shop around to establish a new banking relationship.  WOW– that is heavy!  Changing banks!
    In the 40 years that I have been in business, I have only had 4 banks that I have dealt with.  Sadly, I would not have changed the first time if the bank had not sold and the new owners were not interested in my account and type of business that I was in.  I found another bank and have been with them for almost 25 years.
   The point of this post is to insure that your policies and procedures are such that people want to come and use you.  If that is not the case, you may wish to revisit those policies and procedures.  Are you a business that is easy to do business with?  Is the staff friendly and helpful?  Are returns easy to do  OR  is it a real pain to address any matter that is, in the minds of the client/customer, a hassle?  Think about this– is it really easy to deal with your firm?
    Cost, price or fee is normally NOT the number one factor in the business relationship.  I will pay more to a firm that has good products, good service and sticks to what they promise.  Now, I recognize and realize that some things cannot be avoided– floods, hurricanes, natural disasters, big snow storms– stuff happens.  However, barring anything unforseen happening, I expect that what you tell me will be the answer to whatever problem we are working on!
    Review and re-think your business policies and procedures if you don’t make it easy to do business with you.  You might be surprised what you find. 
    If you bought an exisiting business, you may wish to change the former owner’s policies to better comform with what you want.  Conversely, if you  are starting a new business, make sure that your policies are easy to understand and help a customer if there is a snag.  You may be surprised at the dividends that are paid.

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