Leadership Traits of Successful Business Owners

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   Steve Wahrlick, principal of the Best Western Clocktower Inn recently spoke to a group of college business students about the key successes he has learned in the hospitality.  I have copied his list here:

  • People are very complex
  • Dollars are the common measurement
  • Relationships rule, “communication” drools (communication isn’t what it’s cracked up to be)
  • It is not about me (successful business people are not focused on themselves)
  • Leaders lead (leading is not the same thing as managing)
  • Follow your passion, don’t worry about the money
  • Have fun
  • Work for a large organization before a small organization
  • Ask for the business
  • Embrace change
  • Don’t be afraid of “smarter” people
  • Ask yourself, “how much better could can we do” (don’t settle for mediocrity)
  • What is important here is that these traits apply to any business and any industry.  If you are the owner of the business or General Manager, you really need to see how these traits apply to you.  If you are not embracing these traits, then probably, you are doing something wrong!

    This is simple– it is made that way, however, the principles behind the comments are complex.  See how you can apply these ideas to your business.  If you do, you will see an increase in business as well as being a happier business leader.

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