Military Skills Clearly Transition to the Business World

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Military skills can clearly transition to the business world and private sector!  Attention to detail, promptness, cleanliness, focus on task at hand and always be willing to go the extra mile are key military traits imbued in all military members.  These are also the traits that make for a great leader or individual contributor in the private sector.


The declining joblessness rate, somewhere less than 4%, has placed a challenge on many employers.  We frequently hear, “We cannot find anyone who wants to work, we pay more than minimum wage, however, nobody wants to work.”  A hidden gold mine of real talent rests in military members who have either served one tour of duty or have retired from active military service.  In each case, these individuals are different.  Their difference is the key to your success– you just have to employ their talents.

Military missions focus on war.  The ability to win a war– irrespective of what the political elements of warfare may be.  As such, military members remain focused on achieving goals and objectives necessary to win the war.  These are the same traits that you need and desire in business today!  Employees who are focused, dedicated, have a strong sense of drive and purpose to achieve an objective or goal for your business.


Today, there are many veterans that are seeking a start in the private sector.  Sadly, many of them are experiencing difficulty in finding a new start after military service.  If you are having challenges in finding, recruiting and retaining good employees, go find a veteran.  In fact, go find a couple of veterans.  Show, explain and tell them exactly what it is that you need to have done.  However, do NOT become so prescriptive that you inhibit or hamper the veterans creative talent and skills.  You will be amazed, if you are willing to listen and observe carefully, how veterans will help you improve and enhance your business.

Veterans have a strong focus on following rules, procedures, checklists in order to ensure uniformity of task assignment.  This may be a way in which you can improve your quality control, if that is a problem in your firm.

Here is an article on the value of using military skills in the business world.

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