Money Begets Money

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    The title of our blog today was what my brother in law told me as we were sitting at his kitchen table.  He was in the process of doing his bookkeeping and, low and behold, found some cash interspersed with his bills.  Now, he figured that the cash had just been misplaced from his wallet.  However, the more he thought about it, he recalled that he had been at the bank and forgot to put the money in his wallet.
    Now, the key point in this post is that money, as used in this context, can take a wide variety of media– green dollar bills, helping out a less fortunate individual, giving when one can afford to give, sharing the excesses are all ways in which “Money Begets Money.”
     From a philosophical standpoint, one can learn that helping others is a valuable tool in improving mankind.  We can get into some deep philosophical ideas rapidly– we are not going there today.  However, what we have seen and what many of our clients have experienced great success with is sharing with others that have a need that you can fulfill.  It may be green dollar bills, it may be time, it may be physical assets, the key point is that when you help others, you help yourself.
      This idea of “helping others” is prominent in the rural environs of our country.  Farmers help farmers with crops, raising barns, helping during a family emergency– again, it is all “Money Begets Money.”  Think about this the next time that someone needs some help, aid or assistance.  I think that you will find that the return you receive will be greater than the amount that you invest.


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