The Kids are Graduating; No one has a Job Offer

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   I talked with a lady the other day and she told me that her grandson was finishing college, however, none of the kids had any jobs.  Now, her son is going to school at a very fine engineering school in the southwestern United States, so I was surprised to hear that he did not have some job offers nor any of his classmates have job offers.
    What is even more interesting is in the past 3 weeks, I have had several business owners call and ask whom I knew that was seeking a job opportunity.  Both of the positions that were requested were for office manager positions, one in the construction industry and one in the hospitality industry.  I gave referrals to both business owners to call the local college and talk with the business Dean to see what students were not yet employed.  In each instance, a graduating senior would work fine in the job.  The graduating student did not need to have a business degree, however, each would be required to help manage the business.
    If you are seeking new employees, calling the local college and talking with the job placement center or business college dean is a great start to finding out if any students are available for your position.  There are plenty of recent graduates that must not have found a solid job opportunity.  Now is the time to pursue those candidates if you are seeking to add to your team.
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