The Bill is Less Than What We Had Agreed To!

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   I bought a new car from Bill Dee, Dee Motors in Anaconda, Montana last week.  I had been referred to him by a neighbor who has bought many cars from Mr. Dee.  My neighbor told me that he knew Mr.
Dee well and that I would get a great deal.
   The deal I got was great– in fact, it was better than a big Mega Dealer in Northern Idaho was able to provide.  What was most interesting was when I went to get the car, Mr. Dee told me that the price was lower than we had agreed upon.  Now, how could this be?  Well, the short story was that a computer glitch caused the price to be lower.  My question was to Mr. Dee was, “Why did you not keep the money and say no more?”
    Here was his answer– He told me that his dad had started the dealership in 1946.  Integrity, trust and honesty were the hallmarks of the dealership.  His dad was willing to take a loss on a car as long as there was never a question about his integrity, trust or honesty.  Bill told me that was how he was raised and how he ran the dealership today.  WELL– that probably does not happen very much anymore.  At least that has been my experience.  Was I impressed?  Well, I wrote about it here– so the answer was Yes, I was and am impressed!!
    Trust, honor and integrity are keys I used to hear in the military all of the time.  I don’t hear that as much “on the outside,” however, this was one experience where I heard it loud and clear.
     Think about how you would handle this matter in your business.  There is a right way and another way– only you, the business owner can decide what is right for you and your business.  For me, I was impressed with Mr. Dee and how he handled it.  If you need a great deal on a car, go see Bill Dee in Anaconda, Montana.  I did and could not be more pleased.

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