Neat Workspaces Have Physical and Psychological Benefits

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A neat workspace that has “everything in its place” is one where it is comfortable (even fun) to work. But that’s not all: such an environment also reduces stress and excess mental pressure.

If you keep your office, desk and work area clutter free you will know where everything is and where everything goes. After using whatever tool, device, paper, or form, you can replace it in a designated location.

For some, this may be a new concept. In that case, you will find almost immediately you will be able experience a calmer workplace.  This may contribute to being more excited about being there and getting so much done.

And it’s not just personal benefits that ensue. Throwing away clutter and excess debris will lead to greater efficiency and effectiveness. I recently read an interesting piece that identified these three specific steps for exponential benefits:

1) Reducing clutter reduces workplace stress

Paper clutter is the number one cleaning challenge in the workplace. In a disorganized office, it’s easy to misplace documents.  Other challenges might be where to place memos, client items, digital files and reports. Do you really need to store multiple copies of the same documents? We recommend creating document guidelines and a digital as well as paper filing system. It’s critical to productivity.


2) Cleaning up makes me feel better

Sort it. Organize it.  Be systematic. Involve your team. You’ll ID wasteful practices immediately.  By getting rid of what you aren’t using, you’ll uncover more free time, space and energy. Instead of looking at a to-do list at the end of the day, you’ll say goodbye to a clean office as you head home on time to exercise, go to a movie or attend your kid’s sports event. Or maybe just relax!


3) Cleanliness inspires confidence

Your office space is a brand element.  That’s right. The way your office looks is a reflection of you and your company.   What do your clients, vendors, colleagues, prospective employees and other visitors see? You’ll inspire confidence in your professionalism and ability to manage the finer details by exemplifying that through how your office appears.

Final 30 trick: spend the last 30 minutes of the last Friday of every month really cleaning up.  Make it a team event. What a joy it can be to arrive at the first of the week to follow when you’ve spent time on this.  When done, take everyone out and get an adult beverage and some wings!  Increases morale, increases teamwork and besides, you have a neat, clean office to come to on Monday!

We hope you find this and all our blog articles helpful. Please let us know? And thanks for reading.

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