Repainting Makes The Store Look New!

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One of our clients is a retail store located in downtown area of major city.  The store has a long history in the community, is well known, carries a higher end product and is recognized as “the place to shop” by people who are interested in their retail products.     Recently, the building that the store is located in has undergone some major renovations.  The landlords elected to remodel their building after deciding to become a major player in the downtown community in which they are located.

Our client elected to close his business for abut 3 weeks while the major renovations were undertaken.  Planning on opening on a certain date, our client found out that with any type of building or remodeling, things always take longer!  After he saw the new window that the landlord installed in his one wall, he decided to do some internal painting and sprucing up of his store.  He elected to stain/paint all of this racks and display cases the same color as the newly installed window casement.

Here is what is interesting–his store looks brand new!!!  It is amazing what a couple of buckets of paint will do to any space.  In this case, the client painted all of his display cases and shelves the same paint as the new window casement.  Although this may not appear to be a major step, the store has taken on a more elegant and richer tone, totally appropriate for the type of retail business that he is trying to attract.

What about your store?  Do you need to do some repainting?  Change the color schemes?  Rearrange the placement of the store furniture?  Perhaps get some of the chairs reupholstered?  Buy new chairs?

In this particular case, the manual labor part of the job was the  most involved and complex.  Although our client could have hired the work done, he had the time, skill and interest to do it himself.
Look around your business place! You may find that a couple cans of new paint can do wonders to your store, office, facility.  In our clients case, this repainting exercise was well worth the time and money.  The store really looks nice!

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