We are Thinking, Moving, Changing all the Time

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      A friend of mine owns a small Italian bistro.  His food is always great, his sandwiches are always fresh, his staff is friendly and polite and he always has something new on the menu to try.  Last week he had a sandwich with goat cheese, strawberries and spinach.  I thought UMMMM, that does sound good, so I ordered it.  As I envisioned, it was just as good as it sounded!

      I was in there the other day for lunch and he sat down with me for a minute before he was off to another never ending restaurant task.  I asked him why he always has “something going on?”  His answer was right on target, “We are Thinking, Moving, Changing all the time.  We always listen to the customer and give them what they want!” 
     Listening to the customer and giving them what they want.  Isn’t that what business is all about?  His other point was that if you have a passion for the business, you don’t have to worry about money— money follows passion!
      Are you listening to your customer?  Are you giving them what they want?  Constant change is good– it keeps everything fresh, dynamic and interesting.  Think about it– if you are not always Thinking, Moving, Changing– what are you doing?   
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