See You at the Flag Pole

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   Our team was in Georgia last week working with clients.  My good friend, Coach Alfred Hiers, asked me to join him and many of his teaching colleagues at a ceremony named, “See You at the Flag Pole.”
    This ceremony was held on Wednesday, September 28, 2011 at Valwood School, Hahira, Georgia.  This is a national event, sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).
     There were over 50 parents, students from grade 3 to high school, along with teachers, administrators and community members such as I that participated.  Two short Bible verses were read, then Coach Hiers and the Middle School Huddle Leader, had all participants join hands and pray out loud.  If one did not wish to pray, he/she just squeezed the hand of the next individual.
       I was very appreciative that I was asked, as a retired senior military officer, to participate in the prayer and the lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of our country.  This was chilling!
      Here is what I found most fascinating– there were many different people attending.  Everyone was positive and respectful of each other, their school, their community and most of all, what the future held for many of the students.  Each student manifested a strong degree of  trust, hope, drive, dedication, desire,  honor, pride and privilege in their faith experience, their school, city, county, state and our country.
     Even more interesting was the fact that I saw real executive coaching in action!  Each teacher and coach that I watched was very encouraging to the many students that participated–giving each student the direction and counsel they so eagerly sought in today’s turbulent world.
     OK, we were in the Heart of the Bible Belt and participating at a private school.  I get that— however, what was exciting for me was the fact that the kids, parents, school staff were excited to be supporting each other,  their school, their community and their nation. 
      Often times in life in general, we sometimes think that nobody cares.  That sure was not what I saw on Wednesday!  I was very, very impressed with Coach Hiers and his colleagues.  Don’t loose faith in the upcoming generation– we have some wonderful human beings that are preparing and planning to take our places.  We have done well.
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