Where is the Money Going?

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    Are you watching all of your income (business revenue)?  Where are the expenses?  Why do you incur each expense?  Are there areas for reduction in each expense category?
    Many business owners are contacting us AFTER it is too late to be of any real benefit.  The business has failed– the owner owes more in debt than he/she can ever hope to recover.  Now, we may not have been able to save them– after all, we are management consultants, not miracle workers, however, we can perform some miracles if given enough lead time and some resources!
     We have mentioned this previously, however, let’s hit it again.  It is always better to seek advice and assistance before you end up in trouble.  Now, this is often times difficult for folks to hear and accept.  However, there is nothing wrong with having a “check-up” to see how you are doing.  The medical doctor does the same thing– you go in for an annual “check-up” to see that everything is functioning normally.  The same can be said about your business.  Our clients that schedule and execute either semi-annual or annual business check ups continue to be more successful than those clients who never get a check up until there is some major problem!
     If cash flow is a recurring and constant worry, schedule a business check-up with our firm.  We may be able to identify some actions that will help you retain more of your capital.  We work with many different businesses in various industry and business segments.  However, good money management is the same in each vertical!
     Know where you money is going at all times.  Don’t be hesitant to seek professional consultation with one of our consultants.  The consulting fee is small compared to the benefits received!  You always need to know where your money is going!
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